10 Things Nobody Tells You Before You Travel To Thailand


  1. $10 sim cards Having no data, or racking up a massive phone bill isn’t ideal overseas. But being able to buy a $10 sim card, off the street which has unlimited data is a gift from above.
  2. It’s all about that night life As I stayed in Phuket, right on Patong beach, it was expected that the night life would be wild. But the most unexpected thing is how so many shops closed and the streets are near empty during day light hours. But wait till night, and the city is thriving. 
  3. The drinking age is 20, but that doesn’t matter Unusual compared to the rest of the world, but the legal drinking age is 20. However, not once was I or anyone else I was with who was under 20, had their ID checked when at a bar, club or picking up a quick drink from 7/11.
  4. If you see money on the ground, do not touch it Unfortunately I was sucked into this scam, as on the floor of a nightclub toilet the scammers will leave 100 baht (roughly $4 AUD) and hope for a tourist to pick it up. If you do, the bathroom security (yes they have security in the bathrooms) will grab you and claim that you stole it from them, and will only let you go if you pay them 500 baht (roughly $20 AUD). But by simply and quickly walking away and leaving the club after they pressure you for money, any further confrontation can be avoided. 
  5. Bars and Nightclubs are free to get into Unlike the Australian culture of having to fork out $20 for entry into a night club, in Phuket the entry is free and you can be as drunk as you wish. 
  6. It’s safer than you think Before I left I was told by so many people that I had to be extra careful, and epically at night. But from my experience, everyone there were friendlier and less hostile than those who party in our major cities.
  7. You will break out in pimples Maybe this was just for me and my friends, but from the scoring heat and terrible humidity we all broke out in pimples. It was a throw back to our pre-puissant 12 year-old days.
  8. You can be as drunk as you wish Unless you’re unable to walk and passed out on the curb, almost all nightclubs/bars will allow you to come in intoxicated and even with and bottle of alcohol in your hand. 
  9. 100 baht back-crack and massage in the toilets In most toilets they have, as they called themselves “professionals”. These professionals will offer a free and quick back-crack, however if you accept it will cost you $4 AUD and if you don’t have any money on you, they will kick you out of their establishment.
  10.     10.The road rules for pedestrians are whack. Even though they do have zebra-crossing, no car or bike will acknowledge them. It’s either up to you or someone near to stick your hand out and basically tell the traffic to stop; or at worst, have to play real life frogger and cross the road at your own risk.

Overall Thailand and epically Phuket, is a wonderful place to visit and I highly recommend that you plan your next holiday to this beautiful location.