Glenn Manton weighs in on AFL's place in the Global Sporting Landscape

Should the AFL legislate to make it harder for players to become concussed and easier for their heads to be protected? 

Protecting (ensuring) an athletes ability to function ‘normally’ post career should be one of every sporting bodies foundation goals. AFL football is no different. The AFL has consistently looked to implement rule changes to protect its athletes and prevent wherever possible head related ‘knocks’.

Given that AFL football is a 360 degree combat based sport it is near impossible to create a predictable environment. The most important protocol to develop may be around post concussion policy and surveillance.

Outside of India and China, which country should an AFL game be played in, if any? 

The AFL should shift its (part-time) international ‘interests’ and focus all efforts on continuing to grow the game domestically. AFL football will never own a genuine global connection as the market for the game is too narrow to build a consistent presence, the game too obscure for punters to risk gambling investment and the skill sets too diverse for most athletes to contemplate - let alone risk injury.

IF I had to suggest a destination for a one off AFL event I’d suggest a televised ‘game’ from The Gravel in Queenstown Tasmania.

What’s better - NBA basketball or AFL football?

AFL football is the most difficult game to train for - let alone play. And despite so many aspects of the modern game being watered down to appease the masses it remains one of teams sports greatest live spectacles. But - NBA basketball boasts a mashup of sport, culture and fashion underscored by celebrity that is played out against a hip-hop soundtrack ensuring a diversely captivated audience (globally) that is hard to beat as a complete package.

See this link below for an example of the sheer circus that is NBA basketball 

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