Lilydale Community Battles Cancer with Beloved Local

On the 18th of June 2017 the Lilydale community gathered together in support of their beloved local, Stephanie Murphy. Prior to the event Lilydale had already donated $20,000 towards the cause which has incredibly aided the Murphy’s in financing their daughter's recovery. However, in pink this generous community continues to exceed their generosity as they run together in the fight against breast cancer.

Steph is 22 years old and is described as one of the community’s most “bravest and healthiest” individual. Unfortunately, her family has suffered a history of tremendous medical torment. In 2007, Steph lost her mother to breast cancer and is now one of her father's main carers- who is need of daily dialysis due to kidney failure. 

The OOMPH! team is in absolute awe of this beautiful community for demonstrating the lengths of their helping hand. We also express our deepest and sincere regards to the Murphy family, we wish you nothing but recovery and relief. 

If you would also like to show your support, you can donate to Steph's Fight Against Breast Cancer fund. Your donation may also benefit other women in their fight against breast cancer.