Mornington Sleeps in their Cars to Combat Homelessness

On Saturday 5th of August, the community of Mornington banded together, trading their beds for their car seat, in an effort to raise money and awareness, and change the lives of those living on the streets.

 Live Street art by MikeyXXI

Live Street art by MikeyXXI

With live music, art and crafts, educational talk hubs and a simulated 'walk without home' station, Fusions annual 'Sleep In Your Car' event was an eye opener for all.

OOMPH! spoke with Mikey XXI, a talented street artist who struggled with homelessness in his youth.

“I have received more support from the community than I have from the government, tonight is an example of that.“

2000 people aged 17-22 are recorded to be homeless on the Mornington Peninsula. Many of these young people resort to a friend’s garage or couch, the local park and building sites, however community based organisations such as Fusion are offering shelter and support for those in need.

Fusion is a Christian youth and community organisation with the mission of strengthening young people through means of accomodation and education. The Housing Support Program facilitates 8 beds to those aged 15-21 for up to 3 months. This program provides a safe haven for young people whilst assisting them in their needs and further long term housing arrangements.

If you would like to show your support, you can donate to Fusion Australia.